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Man’s Cottages & Spa

Man’s homestay, or Man’s Cottages & Spa as it is now known, is the story of Herman, his family and friends.

Herman started his career as a diver here in Pemuteran when he was 17yrs old, 20yrs later he is still leading guests and has a passion for diving. It was through diving that he met wolfgang, Walter & Petra who not only pushed him to be more, but supported him at the start. Good friendships that last to this day.

With their support¬†Pemuteran¬†Dive Centre was created. But after much discussion Wolfgang persuaded Herman not to sell his piece of land but rather to build some rooms on it. Herman had his doubts, the dive centre was doing well why do more. But with his friend support he built the first three rooms of Man’s homestay. A bank loans and a lot of hard work later Man’s Cottages & Spa, consists of 10 rooms, restaurant, bar and a Spa was born. But it is still run by Herman and his wife Mia, accompanied by their 3 children, who can be found playing around the compound.

So as not to forget his beginning Herman incorporated his story into the logo of Man’s cottages. The M of course stands for Herman, in the centre you have a trident, representing Posideon and the sea. The three prongs of the trident represent the first three room, the three stars represent God, the future and his three children. Rizky, Robby and Rafidah.

Herman and his family strive to maintain what Bali is famous for, its tradition and hospitality. And hopes that after your stay you will leave Bali feeling welcome to return anytime.


Man's Cottages & Spa. Desa Pemuteran, Kecamatan Gerokgak, Kabupaten Buleleng- Bali
Mobile: +62 85237257999 / +62 85338789279